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The customer journey begins when potential customers become aware that a brand exist and start searching  for a product or service, continues with its evaluation, buying experience, onboarding, user experience, customer service… and should end with money in the bank! Let’s face it, how many times customer churn was the direct consequence of a bad experience with a collector? Probably too many. I think that the solution lies in the difference…

Credit management as new tool for business expansion

Cantine Paololeo srl, a fifth generation family business, has produced wines since the early 1900s at Masseria Monticello, in the heart of the Negroamaro Park. Production has increased by 40% over the past three years, from 3 million bottles to about 4.2 million. The vineyards have a total area o…

The difference between credit collection and credit management

The need Many clients initially use our services just to collect cash. This fundamental activity is often not fully understood to be “core”, in the context of their technical and commercial know-how and focus. Almost always, Sagres is identified and chosen because of our greatly different approa…

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