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Rob Ellis, Head of Projects at EF Engish Live, tells us about his experience with Sagres

Rob Ellis Head of Projects at EF English live.
EF is a leading global company that sells and delivers language training, education, and academic programs through customized methodologies, including group lessons and private lessons with native-speaking teachers.

How was your need solved?

Sagres helped the company by analyzing the audience of two specific and complex markets: Italy and France, examining the different ways in which customers approach the purchase and which are the issues that could arise. By analyzing this data, EF understood how to improve the approach to their targets.


How likely would you recommend Sagres from 0 to 10?

The Sagres team was hired for its proposal made of a mix of innovative analytical methodologies including a first digital engagement and then, by appointment, hundreds of interviews on potential target customers carried out with specialized personnel “1 to 1”.

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