Credit Management e Customer Experience

Can Credit Management improve the Customer Experience?

Sergio Rossini
The customer journey begins when potential customers become aware that a brand exist and start searching  for a product or service, continues with …
cs vs cx

Customer Service vs Customer Experience

Sergio Rossini
Still lot of confusion around the net about Customer Service and Customer Experience, that are often used as if they were synonyms by many CX exper…
incorrect NPS implementation

Another incorrect NPS implementation seen in Milan

I took this photo in a Milan electronics superstore. “You will receive an e-mail containing our satisfaction survey about your buying experience: i…
Crescita cx

Customer Experience (CX) in Italian utilities: future drivers for success

The KPMG Customer Experience Excellence Report 2021, addressing the state of CX (Customer eXperience) in Italy, has been released. Talking about ut…
Contact Center

Contact centre or call centre?

  Contact centres and call centres both provide customer services and the terms are often used interchangeably. That said, the principal diffe…
credit management

The difference between credit collection and credit management

The need Many clients initially use our services just to collect cash. This fundamental activity is often not fully understood to be “core”, in the…


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