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If customer is king, is it possible to obtain business success without delivering great customer service?

by Sergio Rossini

If you believe that business success is CX success the answer is yes.

It is a common opinion that companies which deliver poor service, failed good CX implementation, even if they’re achieving major business results repeatedly over time.

Once again, the equation customer service=customer experience is proving to be wrong.

If a brand is not customer-centric but it is price-centric and finds his way to achieve business success by offering “cheap prices”, can we deny that they are implementing “great CX?”

We should never forget that CX includes also Price and Product and that service is only a part of the whole story.

If we stick to Jeanne Bliss’s definition: “Customer Experience is a company’s delivery of its brand promise” and if the promise was “cheap prices” and this resulted in successful repeated purchases from customers, then this is great CX!

Let’s take Ryanair as an example.

I travel very often with them. Along my entire customer journey I experience one single wow moment. 

Online check in is tricky. My concentration level must stay high, trying to avoid wrong clicks that will increase the price. I’m forced to travel with one small backpack. Travel in itself is nothing special, and I will not be offered any free drink or snack. My landing airport will be far from my ultimate destination.

Then, why do I buy repeatedly from Ryanair?

Because they keep their promise! 

They are known as a low cost airline company and almost every time I look for the cheapest option, it happens that they are my choice.

Buying the ticket is the only wow moment that I experience with them, but this is exactly what I expected to happen. They make me sweat, but I knew it from the very beginning. This is the power of delivering the brand promise.

The only non-written rule is that all pain-points must be over the “acceptable” level.

On the other hand, it is not true that a brand must excel on all touchpoints.

Resources should be allocated only on those that are included in the brand promise.

It is ineffective customer experience management if a brand “serves customers well” but fails to keep its promise!

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