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Can Credit Management improve the Customer Experience?

by Sergio Rossini
Credit Management e Customer Experience

The customer journey begins when potential customers become aware that a brand exist and start searching  for a product or service, continues with its evaluation, buying experience, onboarding, user experience, customer service… and should end with money in the bank!
Let’s face it, how many times customer churn was the direct consequence of a bad experience with a collector? Probably too many.
I think that the solution lies in the difference between Cash Collection and Credit Management.

Cash collection can be brutal. Very often companies outsource very old credit (over 360 days and more) and are more interested in collecting the money than in retaining the customer.
Credit management and CX share the goal to preserve a long term relationship with the customer and this makes a big difference.
Getting the money in the bank and feed the relationship with end customers is possible!
How? Everything starts with active and empathetic listening of the reasons behind the nonpayment.

The collector should be perceived as someone supportive that really cares about finding a solution to the issue. Sometimes customers loose invoices or forget due dates, sometimes the nonpayment is a message to the company that failed somewhere along the Customer Journey.
Sending again the lost invoice, a reminder call or agreeing on a repayment plan can help.
When Voice of the Customer programs are built, surveys or complaints are the main source of information but a deep search among debtors can highlight some of the weaknesses of the company.
I know it by personal experience. In one of my previous lives, I was promoted Branch Manager in a northern region of Italy and the best way to learn about my own company was calling all debtors and solving their problems. This always ended with a payment and a smile. Can you believe that?

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