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Danilo Calabrò tells us about his experience with Sagres

Danilo Calabrò has been the managing director of Schindler Italy for 3 years, a multinational leader in the production, sale and installation of lifts and escalators. Schindler is present nationwide with a widespread network of maintenance and emergency services. It has 60.000 employees worldwide, 1600 of which in Italy.

How was your need solved?

Schindler’s collaboration with Sagres can be described as a true “partnership” and has been going on for 7 years now. Initially the need was about having a call centre activity that would guarantee the management of technical assistance calls and emergency intervention of users entrapped in lifts. Afterwards, the scope of the collaboration with Sagres has expanded to include credit management, customer satisfaction measurement, back office and front office activities, ranging from collecting documentation to reminding customers of activities. The added value of Sagres is to always propose new solutions, including technological support. Sagres’ attention to the needs of our customers, and ability to understand their level of satisfaction, has made our partnership very effective. We don’t consider Sagres a partner anymore, it is now a real partner in our operations.

How likely would you recommend Sagres from 0 to 10?

We are very happy, but we hardly give a 10, just to keep constant the right spirit of continuous improvement.

We encourage Sagres to continue supporting us with new ideas and innovation.

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