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Customer Experience in B2b: Sagres at the Politecnico of Milan

by Sergio Rossini

One of the major critical issues highlighted by the research, in creating a comprehensive and balanced customer experience system, is undoubtedly the management of the customer feedback.

Too often, the Voice of the Customer (VoC) listening platform is based on 20-question questionnaires, often processed manually by operators, who create arbitrary categories of customer decision drivers. The risk is to provide management with a biased and distorted view of customers’ perceptions of their brand, thus inducing wrong managerial and strategic choices.
Sagres’ speech focused on this specific topic and presented the Case History of Schindler Italia, where the challenge was to listen to thousands of customers, capturing the emotions and motivations behind their behaviors and choices.
It was particularly interesting to hear from Danilo Calabrò, CEO of Schindler Italia, who explained the challenge they faced and the benefits gained from having adopted and espoused the Sagres working methodology.

This picture shows how the research of the School of Management of the “Politecnico di Milano”, identified the process of information gathering (VoC) as a critical and determining element in Customer Experience management.
Our participation in the conference and at the Observatory’s working table was a significant opportunity for Sagres to engage with the most active companies on the Customer Experience domain and with the academic world.

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