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Customer Experience: measuring customers’ emotions helps

We are all humans, even in B2B and we all “make our decisions through the lens of emotions”.

Firmly believing in the power of emotions in the buying process in B2B is a moral duty that represents the most fertile seed to begin to build customer loyalty, The integrated and organic complex of marketing activities that serve to cement and strengthen the continuous and mutually profitable relationship between customers and suppliers.
Those who buy, if they are satisfied with the complex of the experience and especially with the core that best defines the reason for purchase, feel more inclined to re-buy and advise narrating it in its circles that purchase. It’s a balanced mix of customer satisfaction, price, performance and… emotion.

To dig into customers’ emotions, when interacting with your brand, the best known way is to go first for qualitative research, to identify which emotions are relevant in your business and the check the “how much” with a quantitative study.

Our suggestion is to turn NPS surveys or customer satisfaction into conversations, asking “What is the main reason for the vote you gave us?” immediately after the question “On a scale of 0 to 10 how satisfied are you with our company?“.

Open-ended questions are the secret to gather the words that convey customers’ emotions.

Thousands of customers –> millions of words.

Companies are often intimated by data volumes and have no clue about how to extract value from unstructured data.

Fortunately, AI powered technologies are now here and ready to help:

-natural Language Processing can be used to understand the real meaning of customers’ feedback
– voice2Text applications easily transcript audio speech into searchable text;
– visual reports for management to take decisions, turn unstructured data into business gold.

How do you measure the emotions of your customers?

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