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Customer Experience (CX) in Italian utilities: future drivers for success

by Sergio Rossini
Crescita cx

The KPMG Customer Experience Excellence Report 2021, addressing the state of CX (Customer eXperience) in Italy, has been released.

UtilitiesTalking about utilities (businesses focused on the production, management and distribution of such services as electricity, gas and water), a sector that Sagres knows very well after working for over a decade with various European market leaders, the report states that they can no longer “… compete for customers based solely on price, but must rethink their brand identities from the ground up (the way they appeal to consumers via their name, logo, mission, know-how and actions, products and services, prices, advertising and relations with the parties directly and indirectly involved in their activities). It is necessary to revolutionise the way they reach potential customers and, above all, how they interact with them after conversion. The principal sector operators are orchestrating their revitalisation around such key words as innovation, care for the environment and sustainability, customer centricity”. Download here the Customer Experience Excellence Report 2021 – KPMG Italia #CX #utilities #brandidentity #customercentricity #cxdrivers

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