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Customer Experience in B2b: Sagres at the Politecnico of Milan

Sergio Rossini
One of the major critical issues highlighted by the research, in creating a comprehensive and balanced customer experience system, is undoubtedly t…

Customer Experience: measuring customers’ emotions helps

We are all humans, even in B2B and we all “make our decisions through the lens of emotions”. Firmly believing in the power of emotions in the buyin…

The customer experience, knowing how to interpret business data

“We don’t know our customers…well enough.” We first heard this phrase in 2012 from the then CEO of Schindler, one of our main customer companies….

Understanding customer experience by using telephone surveys

Why Phone surveys win over online in B2B Web surveys are everywhere and seem to the absolute winner in customer experience world, but this is true …

If customer is king, is it possible to obtain business success without delivering great customer service?

Sergio Rossini
If you believe that business success is CX success the answer is yes. It is a common opinion that companies which deliver poor service, failed good…

Do you believe in the Value Chain formula EX+CX=MR?

Sergio Rossini
If you want to achieve business results start with EX. According to Forbes 89% of Executives believe that better EX leads to better CX. Richard Br…

Why do we measure customer experience? And should we measure it?

Sergio Rossini
To assess the Customer Experience many use Customer Satisfaction surveys or the Net Promoter Score. Both measure an experience that took place in t…

The citizen as a customer: from customer experience to citizen experience?

Sergio Rossini
I On 13 December, Joe Biden signed the Executive Order on Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Governm…

Can Credit Management improve the Customer Experience?

Sergio Rossini
The customer journey begins when potential customers become aware that a brand exist and start searching  for a product or service, continues with …

Customer Service vs Customer Experience

Sergio Rossini
Still lot of confusion around the net about Customer Service and Customer Experience, that are often used as if they were synonyms by many CX exper…

Another NPS Bad Practice spotted in Milan

Sergio Rossini
I took this photo in a Milan electronics superstore. “You will receive an e-mail containing our satisfaction survey about your buying experience: i…

Customer Experience (CX) in Italian utilities: future drivers for success

Sergio Rossini
The KPMG Customer Experience Excellence Report 2021, addressing the state of CX (Customer eXperience) in Italy, has been released. Talking about ut…

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