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Alperia, the leading provider of energy services in Alto Adige, also operates in Veneto and Piedmont. Nationwide, the company is the fifth largest multi-utility by sales, as well as one of most Italian important operators in terms of sustainable energy. The energy generated by Alperia comes from renewable sources: in particular, the company holds majority interests in 34 hydroelectric stations, 7 photovoltaic installations and 1 field, 5 remote heating plants and 1 biomass power station in Ottana, Sardinia, managing in total a grid extending 8,951 kilometres. Alperia is active in the sale and distribution of power, remote heating systems, energy efficiency improvements and the development of electric mobility. Thanks to its hydroelectric stations, the company plans to turn its home territory into a fully-fledged smart region, promoting a technology and energy development model that respects the environment and gifts a sustainable future to new generations. In view of this, Alperia develops innovative technological solutions that facilitate the improved management of resources, working in a manner respectful of its territories and communities. The business paths of Alperia and Sagres crossed in 2018 on the completion of institutional procedures. In particular, the collaboration commenced when Sagres won a bidding competition for the provision of credit collection services. Working on this project involved the joint creation of a dedicated team together with Alperia, providing comprehensive support for all credit collection activities and services. Drawing on their experience, Sagres professionals both offered and guaranteed the provision of rapid and effective services. Collaboration between the two companies has broadened into other sectors. In this context, Sagres has devised and implemented a customised telesales solution: the management, with a view to conversion, of hot leads generated by Alperia marketing campaigns. This project, marked by osmotic collaboration between the two teams, has resulted in achievement of the established objectives. Over time, Sagres has also supported Alperia in the management of chats on its social media channels, with the implementation and administration of a business chat system using proprietary software. Most recently, Sagres professional have begun to manage an inbound service with qualitative SLAs that stimulate improvements and an outbound commercial service applying ARERA parameters.

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