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Understanding customer experience by using telephone surveys

Why Phone surveys win over online in B2B

Web surveys are everywhere and seem to the absolute winner in customer experience world, but this is true only in B2C, while they are kind of useless (my opinion) in B2B.

A good question is: why do we survey in B2B?

My answer: to understand the behavior of customers and bring change whenever the company is not delivering the brand promise.

In order to take action, you need customer insights and they are not captured by online surveys.

Let’s see why.

The main advantage of web surveys is that they are cheap and easy to be answered. That’s why they’re widely used.

But why are they not suitable in B2B?

Online surveys main problems are:

  1. Low response rate

In B2B the respondents are mainly Executives and Managers that tend not to fill in an online form.

In my personal experience online response rate is lower than 10% (average is 5%) while using the phone is close to 60%.

  1. Scores are not reliable

This is due to the non-measurement errors which are a direct consequence of the low response rate.

The majority of the respondents to online surveys have strong opinions, good or bad, and “those lacking strong feelings are underrepresented in the sample data, causing a non-response bias” as claimed by Dr Van Bennekom and Klaidman in their paper “Survey Mode Impact Upon Responses and Net Promoter Scores” published on “Managing Service Quality” Survey-Mode-Net-Promoter.pdf

  1. Qualitative feedback collected is very poor

“When you add qualitative questions to web surveys, a few things may occur. First very few respondents take the time to fill the information out. Second, they use two or three words with little elaboration…” as Alan Hale wrote in his article How to create raving fans in B2B markets | Articles | published on “QUIRK’S”.

On the contrary Phone surveys in B2B give you back:

  1. High response rate
  2. Reliable scores (no bias)
  3. Good customer insights

What really matters is the WHY behind the score.

Insights feed the decision making process and enable Management to empathize with their customers.

Because customer experience without CHANGE is just a hobby!

Managing the lead generation for renewables

Alperia is the largest energy service provider in South Tyrol and the third largest producer of renewable energy in Italy. It’s one of the most important companies in the green energy sector nationwide.

The energy provider operates as an integrated multi-utility and is the head of an expanding group that covers the entire energy services sector. Its activities range from the production and sale of energy from renewable sources to the management of the electricity grid and district heating systems, the design and construction of new renewable energy power plants, and the most advanced solutions for electric mobility, energy efficiency, IOT (Internet of Things) and projects for the Smart Cities of the future in the name of digitalization and environmental safety.

Sagres began its collaboration with the South Tyrolean multi-utility in 2017, winning a public tender concerning the performance of debt collection activities.

In 2018, thanks to the very good relationship established and the results achieved, the client also expressed a further need concerning ancillary activities to the initial customer care: the management of commercial leads deriving from inbound advertising campaigns made on its internet ecosystem and outbound for the profiling, qualification and acquisition of potential end customers in compliance with the ARERA advertising commercial contact standard for the sale of electricity and natural gas.

The new tender, which was won by Sagres, includes:

  • construction and management of the main website chat management of potential customers deriving from digital lead generation campaigns divided into types of:
    • call me now,
    • call me back;
  • management of the commercial inbound channel;
  • management of social network chats.

The flexibility of the solutions was also fundamental for process optimization, such as various customizations on the systems and workflows present of some commercial processes for the nurturing of the CRM process used (Salesforce) and that of Cloud Contact Center, with the Sagest performance control management system;

generation of a series of customized reports in the above systems;

consulting on optimizing the interfaces between the systems.

Operational delivery then consisted of the following activities qualification, lead profiling and daily management of several hundred incoming requests contact of each lead within 48 hours of the expression of interest and, above all, in the conversion into daily sales from contact activities of the leads that on the outbound side obtained extremely interesting conversions into active contracts, thanks both to the excellent profiling of the marketing activities carried out by Alperia, and to the operational support during the contract conclusion phase by Sagres



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